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Current projects.


Since starting the business in January 2020, I've been commissioned to work on more than 20 projects. And through strong collaborative relationships with my clients, we've already achieved outstanding results.

I've been writing blog content and client communications for a private bank, pandemic crisis comms for a global financial services group, and thought leadership for two management consultancies – one large and international, the other agile and disruptive.

Also, working with a talented agency in Glasgow called Stand, I've been writing two books, microsite copy and pandemic crisis comms for a luxury brand, copy for a tourism app, and video scripts for a global law firm and a technology group. And through another great design agency called Thunderbolt Projects, I've written an investors report for the Borders Distillery.

As well as all that, I've been writing web content for a luxury furniture brand, an energy group and a recruitment company, plus a series of blogs for a digital agency.

And, in September 2020, I was appointed Ambassador of Communications for the Scottish Business Network.

Podcasts and live interviews

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Since September 2018, I've been producing a fortnightly podcast series in association with the Scottish Business Network, interviewing some of the biggest personalities in the world of Scottish business. Some of the podcast episodes (pre-COVID19) were recorded live in London in front of an audience of Scottish business people.


Social media


I also manage the Twitter and Linkedin accounts for the Library of Mistakes, a wonderful initiative designed to encourage the world to learn from the mistakes of the past. This Edinburgh-based free public library has almost 4,000 books, with an emphasis on finance and business, but also covering politics, art, science and all aspects of human life. It's the beginning of a global initiative – there is now also a Library of Mistakes in India, with others in England, Switzerland and the US to follow. I post regular nuggets of wisdom from the library (well worth a follow) and am honoured to be a key-holder.