Why I sold White Light Media and launched Fraser Allen Communications


Jan 2020

My life in the world of money

Some of my scribbles...

Three lessons I've learned in marketing

Taking stock in the Library of Mistakes

The Scotsman

Jan 2020

Farewell White Light, hello me

An interview with Keith Skeoch, CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen

White Light Media

Aug 2019

Why banks aren't very good with money

The Dutch social anthropologist who investigated the crash of 2008

White Light Media

Jul 2019

The Fitba adventure

A glorious Scottish football magazine failure


Mar 2019

Do you believe in trust at first sight?

Dr Charles Spinosa explains the clever way to build lasting customer trust

White Light Media

Oct 2018

The anxious person's guide to networking

Helpful observations from the land of vol-au-vents

White Light Media

Mar 2018

Frazzle's big break

What I learnt from my first media job

White Light Media

Jan 2018

Pulling no punches in the Library of Mistakes

The Professor knocking sense into the world of finance


Jan 2018

Edinburgh's indie mag revolution

How Scotland's capital became a powerhouse of publishing pioneers


Jan 2016

Don't waste your time on people like him

The polar explorer on a mission to rescue the 'invisibles'


Nov 2014

I want to tell you a story

Discover the real secrets of powerful storytelling


Oct 2014

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